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Beach Wedding Plan

We offer a small wedding package plan in the beach including beach photo shoot, Priest and an ukulele performance. You can enjoy the sound of waves and sweet ukulele music.

Beach Wedding Plan



  • Beach photo session
    (100 photos)
  • Attendant

Dress & Accessories

  • Rental wedding dress
  • Rental tuxedo
  • Artificial Maile lei
  • Artificial Kukui lei
  • Artificial flower bouquet
    & head piece

Hair & Makeup

  • Bridal hair & makeup


  • Limousine transport service
    (Round trip service from the salon/beach)
  • Private car transfer to/from our salon within Waikiki


  • Downloadable photo data; A special link will be provided to access the data.


  • Marriage certificate
  • Honorarium to the pastor
  • Honorarium to the singers & musicians
  • Flower shower
    *Waimanalo beach excepted
  • Accessories for the photo session
  • Planning fee

Extra Options

  • *In the event of poor photographing conditions, the ceremony will be held at inside of the Marriott Hotel instead of Magic Island. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • *There is no meeting the day before. Hair and makeup is done at the salon.
  • *Hotel to Salon pick-ups will be done with a company vehicle not a limousine. (This pick up services only inside of Waikiki area)

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