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At Royal Kaila, we offer a wide variety of bouquets.
You'll be able to find just the right style and color for your wedding dress.

Fresh Flower Bouquets

$320 apiece

Fresh flower bouquets 1 Fresh flower bouquets 2 Fresh flower bouquets 3 Fresh flower bouquets 4

Takeaway Bouquets

When looking at a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers, you may feel disappointed you can't keep them forever.
For those looking to keep the some of the memories after the ceremony, we recommend takeaway bouquets.

Takeaway bouquets 1 Takeaway bouquets 2 Takeaway bouquets 3 Takeaway bouquets 4

Clay Bouquets: $450

Clay Haku Leis: $260

Our clay bouquets are handmade, petal by petal, and are very light compared to fresh flower bouquets. Since they're made of clay, you won't have to worry about the season, discoloration, or wilting. More importantly: you'll be able to keep your bouquet forever.

Foam Flower Bouquets: $480

Foam Haku Leis: $360

Foam flower bouquets have gained attention and have been used as tropical bouquets. Foam is very soft and hard to break, just like urethane. These flowers (especially hibiscuses and plumerias) can be easily mistaken for real flowers, even up close, and they feel just like a real fresh flower bouquet.

Since they are also water resistant, this the ideal bouquet for beach weddings and photos near the ocean.

*Colors may differ slightly

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