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Rainy Day Insurance

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Rainy Day Insurance

Magic Island: $280 extra
Waimanalo Beach: $370 extra

Rainy Day Insurance

For customers concerned about rain, we offer the "Rainy Day Insurance" option for Loco-Style on the Beach or Princess the Beach Photo Package customers.

Customers applying for the Rainy Day Insurance option have from 8pm on the day prior to shooting until 8am on the shooting day itself to change the date.


  • You cannot apply for Rainy Day Insurance if you have selected options such as guest pickup (bride and groom exempt), babysitting, etc.
  • Only those applying 14 days in advance may sign up for Rainy Day Insurance.
  • For customers who apply for external options, such as babysitting, after signing up for Rainy Day Insurance, it will be void. In this event, a refund of the full amount, minus an administrative fee will be issued.

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