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Listed below are some frequently asked questions.
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What churches are used in the Hawaii Wedding Royal Wedding Kaila?
Is tax included in the list price?
How will my hair and makeup be styled?
How can I choose my bouquet/boutonniere?
Where do the photo shoots take place?
Is it necessary to wear bridal underwear?
How about the groom?
Is the groom's hair styled too?
When can we get the photos?
Will there be random people in our photos?
Can we bring our own outfits?
How many dresses do you have to choose from?
Are tips included?
What happens if it rains during the photo shoot?
Can we get insurance for rainy days?
Is it okay to bring our children?
Can guests/friends join us in the limousine?
Is it possible for children to join us in the limousine?

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