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Terms & Conditions for Credit Cards

Based on the Terms & Conditions for Credit Cards (called Terms & Conditions hereafter), EXEO JAPAN, Inc. (Our company hereafter) wishes the use the credit card payment service (this service hereinafter) and give this service to customers who agree to this Terms & Conditions on the website of Royal Kaila <http://www.royalkaila-wedding.com> (this site hereafter).

1. Credit cards accepted

Accepted Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and JCB.

The credit card holder must be the one who is applying for the plan.

2. Customers who cannot use this service

Customers who have illegaly obtained or are using the card cannot use this service.

3. How the credit card transaction will appear

The name "AXES" will be stated as the account on the statement issued by your credit card company.

4. Conditions for payment

Payment must be received by the date as designated by our company.

5. Credit Card Payment Refunds

Please be aware that the payment will appear on your statement as AXES Payment Inc., not Royal Kaila. Your payment will be refunded if the following occurs:

  • A)In cases where customers cancel within the alloted cancellation period, then a certain amount
    will be refunded (less any transfer fees).
  • B)In cases of double or other erroneous payments we will refund the full amount (less any transfer fees).
  • C)In cases where we have to cancel your reservation for whatever reason we will refund the full amount (less any transfer fees).

6. About Security

The credit card payment service is provided by AXES Payment Inc.

7. Disclaimer

In the case when disputes related to debts arise between users of this site and the credit card company, they must be settled between the party and the credit card company. We will not take any responsibility for such disputes.

8. Inquiries about the credit card payment

AXES customer support service will be happy to take any inquiries regarding credit card payments by phone or e-mail.

AXES payment Inc. Customer Service Support
Inquiries by telephone may be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
[URL] http://www.axes-payment.co.jp/cs/index.html
[TEL] 0570-03-6000 (03-3498-6200) [Japanese phone line]
[E-mail] creditinfo@axes-payment.co.jp

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