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Which situation would you like?

You can check the photos in hawaii and please find your
favorite situation!

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Hair make attendant

If you are not satisfied with just one hair-style on your wedding or photo shooting,
the hair make attendant will accompany you!

☆Click here the details☆

Beautiful bride

You will be more beautiful on your special wedding day!
We offer you the best moment with the SPA treatment

☆Check the spa menu☆

What a wouderful sunset!!

Do you like the romantic sunset?
We present you the beautiful moment at the sunset time in Hawaii!

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Don't worry the rain!!

Even if the weather isn't good on your wedding day,
you don't have to worry! We have ''Rainy day's insurance'' for you!
(The plan you are able to add the insurance is limited)

Please check the details here

How would you like the Movie shooting?

We, Royal Kaila prepare not only the Photos , Video shooting, too!!

You would be able to enjoy the Video ever after(*^_^*)

Click here!

Reception after wedding

In the Hawaiian breeze,
You would enjoy the wonderful meal with your special family or friends!

Choose the place and the course on your reception!

Check herre

Japanese Style Wedding

Would you be interested in the Japanese style wedding and Kimono?
We produce the wonderful modern typical wedding in Hawaii!

☆Check here☆


What is your favorite color and flower?
You can choose your own bouquets for your wedding!


Rainy Day Insurance

Don't worry about the rain on your wedding day!
We recommend the''Rainy Day Insurance''!
(It depends on what your plan is if you can add this option)

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