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Beach Photo

What situations or the views are popular for the couple??
Please check the Photo gallery and find your favorite one!!

☆Check the Photo gallery☆

casual photo

if you arenot supposed to have a ceremony in Hawaii and just think to get some
photos, would you like to taken casual photos??
Just like as usual, with your casual cloths, with your honey…

☆Check it out☆

guests’ limousine

if you have some guests, how would you do to invite them to your wedding?
We would recommend you to prepare the limousine for them!!

☆Check them out the details!☆


We proudly present you our wonderful photographers!
Witch cameraman is your favorite??

☆Check them out☆

What an Amazing Shrine!

These days, the Japanese style wedding ceremony is poplar.
We organize and introduce you 4 wonderful Japanese shirine !
Which one would you like??

☆Check them out☆

Please contact us!!

Do you have any questions about the wedding in Hawaii?
Feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

☆Contact US!!☆

About the reception

Would you like the wedding with reception?
We organize you party after the wedding!
Which restaurant would you like?
☆the list of reception☆

Wedding on Church

We can introduce you some wonderful Chapels&Charchs.
Do you prefer the place with ocean? Or the place with green?

☆Check the page's below☆

Wonderful Plans

Our company presents you a special Wedding in Hawaii.
We organize just what you want for Hawaii Wedding.

☆Please check them out!☆

Princess on the beach

We present you the special weddig to you!!
Why don't you enjoy your own wedding with us??
Check the faburous plans here!!

☆Check the faburous plans here!!☆

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