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Dress Blog

What is your favorite type of dress??
Marmaid?? Mini??
Here is the☆Blog☆about the dress from Hawaii salon.
We are sorry that the site is in Japanese,
Please see the dress with your eyes!!


Do you have any anxiety for your wedding in Hawaii?

Let us resolve your questions!



Have you ever heard 『Visionari』??

They are the specialists for the photo and makes you prince and princess.
Make your own wedding dramatic one!!

☆Check the package☆

Beach Photo

What situations or the views are popular for the couple??
Please check the Photo gallery and find your favorite one!!

☆Check the Photo gallery☆

casual photo

if you arenot supposed to have a ceremony in Hawaii and just think to get some
photos, would you like to taken casual photos??
Just like as usual, with your casual cloths, with your honey…

☆Check it out☆

guests’ limousine

if you have some guests, how would you do to invite them to your wedding?
We would recommend you to prepare the limousine for them!!

☆Check them out the details!☆


We proudly present you our wonderful photographers!
Witch cameraman is your favorite??

☆Check them out☆

What an Amazing Shrine!

These days, the Japanese style wedding ceremony is poplar.
We organize and introduce you 4 wonderful Japanese shirine !
Which one would you like??

☆Check them out☆

Please contact us!!

Do you have any questions about the wedding in Hawaii?
Feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

☆Contact US!!☆

About the reception

Would you like the wedding with reception?
We organize you party after the wedding!
Which restaurant would you like?
☆the list of reception☆

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