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Limo for guests!

Share your wedding with your guests.
We provide you and your guests the special transport, ☆LIMO!!☆

popular plans

Welcome to Hawaii Islands!
What would you do in Hawaii for your wedding?
Check the popular plan!


What are included in the plan?
What should you prepare for the wedding??
You can find the answers here!!

☆Check here out☆

Find your favorite church or chapel

For you wedding in Hawaii,
We present you the wonderful churches and chapels.
Which one is your best??
☆Check here out☆

Sunset plan

You had better see the sunset in Hawaii with your eyes,
And let the scene become everlasting for your wedding with photo!!

☆Check here out☆

Yukata plan

Have you ever tried to wear Yukata, Japanese traditional clothes for summer??
You should try it on with your honey!!

☆Check here out☆

Hair Make Up Artists

Do you have any idea for your hair-style on your wedding day?
We are proudly present you our☆ fantastic hair-make artists☆!
We are sorry that the site is in Japanese,
Please see the dress with your eyes!!

Dress Blog

What is your favorite type of dress??
Marmaid?? Mini??
Here is the☆Blog☆about the dress from Hawaii salon.
We are sorry that the site is in Japanese,
Please see the dress with your eyes!!


Do you have any anxiety for your wedding in Hawaii?

Let us resolve your questions!



Have you ever heard 『Visionari』??

They are the specialists for the photo and makes you prince and princess.
Make your own wedding dramatic one!!

☆Check the package☆

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